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Oh god. I’m bawling over the fucking preview.

I’m not ready for next week.

I’m pissed.

I’m pissed that this death could have been prevented.
I’m pissed that his body couldn’t handle it, while other celebrities use and abuse their body and are still living.
I’m pissed that he was alone.
I’m pissed that Lea has lost the love of her life, and that the Glee cast lost one of their best friends.
I’m pissed that he’s dead.
I’m pissed that I’m pissed.
I’m pissed that i’m this emotionally upset.

This doesn’t change my opinion on Cory. I think he was a wonderful, talented, intelligent man. He had his demons and they overcame him, and I don’t think any less of him for that.

Things I’m not mentally prepared for

1. Darren’s interviews today, whether it’s GMA or Kelly.

2. The autopsy report.

3. The rest of the cast’s tweets, especially:

4. Lea’s next tweet.

To my followers:

I apologize for the Glee/Cory spam. I just can’t get over this instantly. Give me a few days and I swear my blog will return back to normal.

And a reminder to any fellow Gleeks or anyone who sees this: my ask is always open. Please come to me if you need to.


This is a horrible time for all of us who have ever loved and still love the show. Cory was an amazing actor and loved by all.

Please feel free to come to my askbox if you need to.

Kurt Hummel Week » day 3
Favorite Kurt quote

favourite kurt quotes - season three


rachel berry when noah puckerman sings

It feels weird not being excited to watch Glee tonight.

In case I haven’t put it on here, I am not going to watch it this season. Not only will I have fencing, but Grey’s is on at the time. I don’t see the point of watching and waiting for my characters to jump on, plus it’s basically the Finchel show and always will be. Maybe if I see good things on Tumblr, I’ll reconsider, but for the time being, I am done. Does that make me a bad fan? Possibly. Oh well.