This is the only thing I will say about last night’s episode:

Yes, Finn outing Santana was wrong, especially in such a public setting. However, he did not know there was a spy in the school, and that candidate was wrong to use that in his campaign. He was also pushed to the edge that entire episode, between Rory with the dodgeball and her constant insults. You know what I do when someone pushes me to my limit? I say something that will not only hurt a person to their core, but ensures that I win that argument.  I know that’s bad, but I get very defensive very quickly. That’s exactly what Finn did. Let’s not forget that Brittany was JUST saying calling her an idiot was bullying, and what does she do? She throws dodgeballs at Rory until he bleeds. I do feel bad for Santana, but when Brittany tells her that she needs to cool down on the bullying, you know it’s bad. Santana is to blame to pushing Finn, and Finn is to blame for being just as much of a bully as Santana. Isn’t this what Santana was trying to stop with the Bully Whips?