day 226: next present holiday wish list

I’m gonna go ahead and claim my birthday for that, so:


day 224: a letter to your eight year old self.

I hate doing these, ughhhhh.

Dear 8 year old self, your entire world is about to change 2 times in the next few months. You’re going to be turning 9 in 2 months, which means Sean’s mom is about to die, and then 9/11. You’re a pretty strong kid, you can handle this. Also, have fun joining everything since you’ll be in 4th grade soon! :P

day 225: what is the most inspirational thing you have ever heard

Like I fucking know.

day 223: bad habits of yours.

day 222: what are you craving right now?

day 221: a photography picture taken by you. (credit it!)

I lack a scanner, so doing my senior pic isn’t gonna work so hot, so here’s one by my old friend, Rebecca. This was junior year I think?

you all should just expect that I will be delayed with these. 2 days.

day 219: a talent you have

I can sit in the lotus position (?) with ease, run fast, write well, flicker my tongue, bake like a boss, and fence.

day 220: a picture that makes you smile

3 days worth, shitshitshit

day 216: list of some of your favorite tumblrs

day 217: a letter to someone who you used to be close to

I can’t. As proven last night with Adam and how I explained it to Kathleen, I have to stay mad or indifferent. If I don’t, all I’m going to do is cry and get in a bad place. Maybe some other time.

day 218 : a letter to someone you judged by first impression

I’ve done something like this before with this challenge, so no.

2days, so lazy with this now.

day 214: what are your feelings on gay marriage?

I support it all the way. Love is love, it should not matter who is receiving and reciprocating that love. The ONLY reason it is not allowed in most states is because those fucking crazy religious people say “The Bible says it’s not right.” Oh really? Do you shave? Do you play football? Do you have tattoos? Do you sell your wife or daughter into slavery? Do you associate with women on their periods? Religion is not a buffet table, so don’t pick and choose things that limit others.

day 215: a letter to your crush

Why should I? He knows I love him with every ounce of my being. He knows I’ll do anything to make him smile. He knows I’ll always support him, no matter what.

day 213: the person closest to your heart.. how do you know them?

He’s my best friend and my boyfriend. I don’t know how else to explain it.

day 212: one person you know you can trust?

Doug, without a doubt. Hooray for not having trust issues with a boyfriend/best friend :P I mean, look at that face!