3 days

day 281: someone you would switch lives with for a day and why

Uhm, Megan Fox, so I would know how it feels to be rich and sexy.

day 282: if you were stranded on an Island, who would be with you and which limited 10 items would you two have?

I would want to be with a good looking man, that’s all. Ten items?

  1. iPods
  2. Books
  3. Pen and paper
  4. Wood
  5. Tools
  6. Gasoline
  7. Food
  8. Camera
  9. Condoms
  10. A fucking boat.

day 283: describe your perfect date

I don’t really have a perfect date. I suppose surprising me by taking me to a carnival or something really elaborate planned out. Nothing expensive, though!

2 days

day 279: one story of a memory you have.

A memory. I shall tell the story of breaking my pinky, because it’s kind of funny. So I was playing basketball with the neighborhood kids back in St. Clair Shores, and Cory and I went for the rebound at the same idea. Somehow, the ball landed directly onto my straight pinky, causing it to bend in ways a finger isn’t supposed to. So I ran two houses down to mine and told my mom. At this point it was only swollen, a little discolored, so she said wait a day. Next day, I cannot bend it and it’s blue and black, she still says wait a day. Next day, same damn thing, so we finally go to an ER. Turns out my bone was fractured in a sideways L (up, and then straight across).

day 280: what was the last movie you watched, write about it

Fright Night, the newer version. Well, I liked it. Not enough David Tennant, if you ask me, but I’m kind of biased ;]

5 days, shiiiiit

day 274: six things you love

  1. Sex
  2. Music
  3. Anything apple (not the brand, the fruit)
  4. Sun dresses
  5. Piercings
  6. Tattoos

day 275: five songs you like. 

  1. If We Ever Meet Again
  2. Run - Snow Patrol
  3. Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back - MCR
  4. She - Green Day
  5. Faith - Taking Back Sunday

day 276: four things you wish you could say, but might never.

  1. I’m sorry I’m a shit ass girlfriend
  2. You hurt me the most, and I would have never expected that from you
  3. I truly miss you being in my life.
  4. Anything last year related to my dad.

day 277: three things you miss

  1. Being a little kid
  2. My dog
  3. My long hair

day 278: two things you want.

  1. Normalcy
  2. To not be so busy

day 273: seven things that cross your mind a lot.

  1. Damn, this is a good song!
  3. I could not be more bored
  4. Sex sex sex sex
  5. I need faster wifi
  6. Be hungry or gain weight?
  7. I need a drink.

day 272: what was the worst thing to happen to you in middle school?

Switching schools, I suppose.

day 271: who makes your happier than anyone else?

Is it bad that my dog was the first to come to mind?

2 days

day 269:how are you similar to and different from the majority of Tumblr users?

Similar? I am part of many of the main fandoms on this website. Different? I post whatever the fuck I want to, and I’m not Tumblr Famous.

day 270: what would your dream house/apartment/castle/tree house/loft/bungalow/etc. look like?

Lol I have my SoHo apartment all planned out. My living/family room will be a burgundy color with hardwood floors, leather couches, and a flat screen TV. My kitchen will have a retro looks to it with the decorations and black/white tile floor, but will have updated appliances. My bedroom will have the four poster bed frame, and have a large bathroom attached to it. I also want a music room/library somewhere in the house.

day 268: an overused saying?

"I love you."

day 265: post a picture of your outfit, or explain it

Well this was earlier. Now I’m wearing the Batman shorts and UDM football shirt.

day 266: an old song you still

She by Green Day, any Beatles song, Backstreet Boys, depends on your definition of “old”.

day 267: when you’ve had a terrible day, how do you deal with it?

Bottle it up, drink, write poetry. Don’t have it in me to cut or smoke anymore.

day 264: what’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? Why?

Oh, this is so biased. I would have to say Green Day two Augusts ago. Why, you ask? WHY? Well, it couldn’t be that Billie Joe yelled at my friend and I to come up towards what would have been general admission area while in seats, I got to actually go on stage with them, and got to rub Billie Joe’s hair?! YEAH. :D The pic we got was blurry, but I did get one with Mike!

2 days

day 262: list your favorite stores

H&M, Urban Outfitters, Zumiez, Spencer’s ;), Target, Hot Topic, JCP, Forever 21, and Yellow Rat Bastard, though I haven’t been there in years due to the fact that it’s in SoHo.

day 263: what are your school colors?

Red and blue, possibly grey?